Wild Fire Horse Training


Horse Boarding

Stalls for rent in Baytown Tx.

$125 for regular board- Owner takes care of their horse 24/7

$200 for partial board- Feeding provided in the mornings, Turn out in the morning, and stall cleaned once a day. Owner is responsible for making feed and hay for morning feeding time and responsible for bringing horse in at evening time.

$250 for full board- Feeding provided in the morning and evening, Turn out and bring up is provided, Stall is cleaned once a day.

Shavings are $7 a bag

Pellets are $8 a bag

You must provide feed and hay for your horses.

Arena, round pen, paddocks, pastures, wash rack, individual water hoses for each stall for water buckets. For regular board stalls must be cleaned once a day and dumped into the dumpster. Gated property. Trailer parking is limited at extra fee of $50 a month. Everything will increase by $50 when arena is back in great working condition. Arena is not able to be used at the moment but is being worked on daily to get back into working condition. Farrier will be out every 6 weeks if you would like to be put on rotation schedule. Will have a dentist out every 6 months for teeth floating.

For any other information feel free to message me.

Training is also available through me.

Basic Training-$650 for 30 days

Intermediate Training-$750 for 30 days

Advanced Training-$850 for 30 days

Event Training-$950 for 30 days