Wild Fire Horse Training

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WE DO BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!!!! Scroll to the bottom!!!

Beginner Lessons:

Learn the basics of horses and riding. How to stop, back, turn, and go forward.

Intermediate Lessons:

Learn how to post while the horse trots. Learn balance and proper posture. More detail oriented for getting ready for advanced lessons.

Advanced Lessons:

Learn in depth everything it takes to be one with your horse. Learn the in's and out's of the horse and why it moves and does a lot of the things they do. Learn events like Roping, Barrels, Poles, Playday events, Etc.


When the student is ready and completed everything they can to the best of their ability and are ready to move on with their training, they will be entered into rodeos and events fitting to the student and what they are wanting. I will coach and be there for them every step of the way. I will be a shoulder to cry on when it doesn't quite work out but be their strength to pick back up and try again and again and never give up. I will support them and encourage them as if they were my own child. All I want is for my students to succeed and grow into what they want to become!

Beginner Lessons:

5yro and under: $30 for 30 min pony ride

5yro and up: $40 for 30 min of riding

5yro and up: $50 for 1 hour of riding

Intermediate Lessons:

1 hour: $65

30 min: $50

Advance Lessons:

1 hour: $75

30 min: $65


4 hours: $100

8 hours: $150

12 hours: $200

Anything over 12 hours is $500 per day (per 24 hours)


Birthday parties pricing:

Loading fee/booking fee: $150

2hours: $250

3hours: $325

4hours: $400

5hours: $500

Must cancel within 48 hours or no refund of loading fee/booking fee!!!

Payment must be made in full at arrival before we unload horses!!!

We accept Paypal or Cash Only!!!